Attention: Serious Forex Traders

How to Grow Your Trading Portfolio by 10%, 20% or even 30% on Auto-Pilot

Even if you have not made a profitable
trade in your life
There is nothing to buy here. No robots, no strategies,
no monthly subscription.
This is an offer that you cannot resist… Read On!

Here’s how you can become an Overnight Professional Trader…
Important Note: All results and portfolio tracked Real Time by 3rd party website…MxFXBook

Dear Wealth Builder,

I do not know how you arrive on this page. It could by referrals by hundreds of Forex websites, or even the PR publicity you have seen due to the consistent performance that I have provided for my fellow traders and wealth seekers. But I want to let you know I am glad you arrived here because this can change your life.

Before we start, I want to share with you the extraordinary results that I had as a trader and for my investors.
Here are some of the portfolios that I manage and grow EVERY week.

By the way, this screen shot was taken on 12th July, 2013. A lot has changed since.

For the more current view of this live account, please click here.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

We’ve never met, but I do know these 2 things about you:

  1. You are trying to achieve grow your wealth from trading but having plenty of difficulty and…
  2. You want to achieve consistent gains weekly with minimal risk

I can make this guess about you because I was once in the same position as you. I was trying to make a living from trading. All I had was the hope of making a quick profit to feed the family and the hope of growing my wealth through trading.

I was buying plenty of robots and trading systems out there that promised trading riches. Each and every time, I was disappointed with results. My savings continue to dwindle but I never did give up because of my determination to succeed for myself and my family. I could only imagine provided for my family for the better. And that was my main driving force.

After experimenting with various strategies and trading for 10 years full time with many ups and downs, I have found a way… a way to profit consistently without taking risk that can wipe out accounts like most traders do.

For the last 7 years even through the sub-prime crisis in 2008 and Euro Zone Debt Crisis in 2011, I have been literally siphoning money out from the Forex Market using this same strategy that allows me to comfortable know how much money I can make EVERY week, consistently and with MINIMAL risk.

Since those early failures, I poured everything I had, heart and soul even quitting my job, into learning everything I could about trading. I ate, slept, and drank this world, and as a result, I now have the ability to generate consistent weekly trading income with minimal risk and draw downs.

This is a LIVE trading account that I show with nothing to hide.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

Over the last few years, I have seen many so called Trading Gurus selling their strategies, trade signal service, and even their robots and trading software. Always the next best thing… the holy grail of trading. I can only say this… the holy grail of trading does NOT exist.

You may have asked yourself these questions before…I know I have…

  1. If they are so good, why are they selling their systems?
  2. Why are they selling high priced seminars?
  3. Are they trainers or real traders?
  4. Why do they not have live trading to show how it works?
  5. Why not just trade for me and manage my money?

After some time of trading, I feel it is necessary to step up and create a Win-Win situation for serious wealth builders. I don’t conduct seminars, I do not sell systems nor do I collect monthly subscriptions.

I will manage your money like my own using a managed fund (via a reputable Forex broker)…like a Hedge Fund but without the high entry fee or restrictions.


The Fast Trader Growth Fund

This is basically how it works….

  1. Open a brokerage Account with the Appointed Broker
  2. Select The Fast Trader Growth Fund
  3. Select the amount of money you want to invest (starts from $1)
  4. Monitor Live Performance to Understand what I do (I am very transparent compared to Mutual Funds)
  5. Withdraw at any time you like without restrictions

This is not a trade copier service. I am certainly not selling any kind of “secret” system. This is a Managed Account Service… I will work for you to grow your money.

 So what’s in for me?

Performance Based Fund
Pay only when you see results

The Fast Trader Growth Fund is a performance based Money Fund. I only get paid when you make money. When your portfolio grows, then only will I get my money management fee. Talk about my motivation to trade the best I can for you. Basically, I am working for you when you invest into The Fast Trader Growth Fund.

You do not need to worry about profits not able to cover high monthly subscription fee. In fact, it’s free to open the brokerage account. However, you will need to fund it with real money. After that, all you need to do is to invest a little as $1 into The Fast Trader Growth Fund to try us out.

Here’s how you can check on my live verified trading account….

1. Understanding The Equity Line (Red Line) and Equity Growth Line (Yellow Line)

ALWAYS look at the yellow and red lines. Red line just means that the balance is growing.
But the yellow line is the real measure of your equity.
If the yellow line is way below the red line, it means that there is a huge paper loss.
If the yellow line is above the red line, it means there is a healthy paper profit.
Pay close attention to Balance Amount and Equity Amount.
They should be close together most of the time.
If equity is way below balance, it just means that the strategy is high risk and volatile strategy.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

2. Understand Drawdowns from the “balance” tab. 
In this chart, keep a look out for the yellow line.
For this example, The Fast Trader deposited $2000, and on a bad run, his balance dropped to about $1800.

What this means is that in the last one month, this portfolio faced a draw down of 10% which is quite low for a down draft.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

3. Understand Profit for the Portfolio…”Profit” Tab
This is sometimes over sold because this is just balance growth. Should never look at this alone.
To understand if the portfolio is strong and resilient, check the Balance and Equity to make sure that this portfolio is rock solid.
Equity should always be close to the Balance. If equity is too far below balance, it just means that this portfolio is carrying a huge paper loss.
So balance alone is not a good indication of how well the portfolio is doing.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

4.  Is the Portfolio Verified and Updated Constantly?
Check Track Record and Trading Privileges Verification. Then check last time updated.
You wanna to make sure both of these are there so that this is a real account with real money.
A trader cannot cheat with MyFXBook verification.
A good trader and a good trade signal service will have nothing to hide.

Always make sure it’s verified. The Fast Trader is verified and updated every 5 minutes with MyFXBook.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

5.  Know Your Focus and Stay Focus… Focus on Thing s that Add Value to Your Life…Your Trading Profits!
Many times, most other trade signal service and traders will boast about pip gains.
And talk about how great their trading strategy is.

While it might have some importance, the most important thing for you as a trader is your ultimate profit and portfolio balance.
What is the point of having a healthy pip gain but still lose money?
Stay focus on your bottom line and not be sucked into data that are not important to your lifestyle.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

6. The Number of Trades made
Take notice of how many trades is made.
If too few, you might have to worry about big lot trading which means high gains but can also be high loss.
Because it could just be a few lucky trades and one bad trade can wipe out your entire portfolio.
If many trades are taken, it might mean that it’s small lots and consistent profit.
So keep a look out for the number of trades made because it is very important to make sure that the account is not over leveraged too.


Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

7.  Risk vs Reward Ratio
Although not the most important statistics (because bottom line or profit is King), it is wise to understand the type of trader you are copying.

Does he win big and lose small or win small but lose big?

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

8. Average Holding Period
Again, this is not half as important but it will tell you if this trader is a short term or long term trader.
In this case, this trader, after 141 trades made, has a average holding period of 1 day which means he is pretty short term but has the ability to generate fast consistent profit.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

9. Win/Loss Ratio is Oversold…Do not fall into this trap!
Many websites that sell systems will always sell on Win/Loss ratio. Think about it… it’s not important.
If you win 90% of the time, but 1 bad loss can wipe out your portfolio, do you think it’s a good deal?
Or would you rather have a win ratio of 10% but 1 win can cover the loss of 20 trades?
Ideally, it should be well balanced. A win ratio of more than 50% is considered very healthy if the equity continues to grow consistently.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

10. Risk of Ruin: How safe is your money?
Before you follow any trader by either copying or by investing into his fund, you want to make sure that his strategy is solid and safe.
Safety is always priority. Not gains.

So click on the “Risk of Ruin” tab to view the probability of wipe out.
For this trader, he needs to have 148 consecutive losses for this portfolio to be wipe out.
That is less than a 0.01% probability according to MyFxBook calculation.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

11. Check Open Trades to cross check to make sure that there is no huge paper loss
This was mentioned earlier… no point having a balance growth but carrying a huge paper loss.
Most signal service will hide this information from it’s subscribers.

If paper loss is low, and balance growth is healthy… you got a trader worthy of you copying.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

12. Check Trade History…
Go to the history Tab, and check out all his trades.
Watch the lot size to make sure the trades are no fluke but calculated trades.
In this example, this trader uses very small lots but makes plenty of trades (diversified) and generates consistent daily profit.

Click Here to View Our “Nothing to Hide” Verified LIVE Account

A good trader has nothing to hide. He will have no problem putting up his real portfolio for the world to see.
Keep a close look on balance growth and equity growth. Equity Growth is what you need to monitor like a hawk.
The more trades the trader makes with small lots the better because he is consistent and no single bad trade can wipe his portfolio away.
This is especially important if you copy his trades. Because if his portfolio is wiped out… so is yours!
With technology available today, it’s really not necessary to learn how to trade, or buy systems to do it yourself.
Find the right trader that’s worthy, copy all his trades verbatim… you have professional trading results.


No Monthly Subscriptions to Follow Our Trades!
Enter Your Details to Learn How to Follow Our Every Trade FREE!

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  1. Paul


    How much money would I have to invest to take advantage of ALL trade signals for the invested portion of my account?



    P.S. I’ve got $20 buck in now, but I don;t think I’m getting all the trades…

    • Hi Paul,
      Thank you for trusting us with your hard earned money.
      Unlike trade copiers or trade signals, this is a pool of fund we manage.
      Which means all of it goes into all trades that we make…even $20 or $1.
      Not all of it will be utilize because we will always keep some as cash for liquidity.
      Depending when your funds were transferred into our fund…
      …you should see a steady increase every week as we trade every day.
      Hope this clears.

  2. 747

    …a hard sell to the beginner trader’…….give me your money first..!

    • Chris,
      No hard sell required from our end when the offer is rock solid.
      You may have misunderstood.
      Open a brokerage account and start with us for as low as $1.

  3. Sukhen K Mitra

    Hope it works

    • Sukhen,
      It will if our trading is like the past 8 years.

  4. Leonel

    Do i have control of my money?is the broker in USA or another country
    How about fees once i make profit, what percentage or is it a flat fee?
    Thanks, for the information.

    • Leonel,
      You have control all the time.
      Check more with PellucidFX on their operation.
      You need to perform your due dilligence.
      Fees are based on profit sharing.
      It’s all there in PellucidFX.

  5. Rick


    Is this available to USA clients?

    • Rick,
      Yes. No restriction to US residence.
      This is the main reason we chose PellucidFX for the fund.

  6. Hi
    I doubt that the programe is cheater, because no reality from talking,
    and Where My bonus you said when after I regestered



  7. Maybe there is a chance to work together as an affiliate? Just let me know.

    • Klaus,
      Drop me a note support [at]

  8. Naresh


    • Naresh,
      Yes… unlike many offers out there…
      This is pay only when you profit.
      Or Use your profit to pay for our service.

  9. Ed Gerdon

    What happened to the FREE FX Sniper indicator that was mentioned in the email I received? I did not see it in the bonuses. I already have a Pellucid account so I put $10 into your Fast Trader Growth Fund. I will see how it works for me and if is profitable then I will add more money later. Right now my account is diminished to about $40 due to bad trades so I am hoping this will start to boost my account.


    • Ed,
      It should be in your email.
      If you did not receive the email, here’s the link….

      Yes… start with $10… we are cool with that.
      More importantly, with time, you will understand and trust that your money is in safe hands.
      Add later when you are more confident.

  10. P Jenkins

    To open an account with your appointed broker Pellucix is $200 min.
    So my understanding is we have to open a live account with your appointed broker and then invest in the Growth Fund any amount we wish.
    Is that correct?

    • Jenkins,
      Yes. First you have to have a live account with PellucidFx.
      I am not sure what is their min deposit but $200 sounds about right.
      After that, you can just choose to have $1 entrusted to us…just to see how things work.

  11. Hello Fxsupport:

    I would like to trade on autopilot method using MT4 PLATFORM. If possible firstly on DEMO ACCOUNT to see how the autopilot works.
    Please advise me ASAP. Thank you so much. Regards.

    • Freddy,
      This is not a trade copier service.
      Here are the steps…
      1. Fund your PellucidFX account…min $200 deposit.
      2. Follow instruction to invest $1 with us.

      What you are risking is $1…

  12. Veronica

    Do you use martingale?
    I see graduated lot size from 0.01 to 0.06 on the same pair same direction. I have been extremely burnt by this strategy. It is NOT good.

    • Veronica,
      Sorry to hear about your experience.
      Martingale is a betting approach.
      Take a look at the drawdowns….
      Martingale approach will have large drawdowns and eventually all martingale users will go bust.
      We do not have large drawdowns… not at all.

  13. Derrick Tate

    Hi ive joined The Fast Trader Growth Fund where do i go to view the investment and trades / profit?

  14. Veronica

    Thank you for responding!
    Could you please explain the hedging approach? I do have a $200 account with Pellucid, but I am having a tough time deciding which trader(s) to copy. I saw your “advertisement” about your service and I would like to join but then I cringe when i see 6 trades of the same pair going in the same direction, with the first 3 trades same lot size of 0.01, but then the next 3 trades have graduating lot sizes…I call that Martingale. It’s not building lot sizes right away but after the third trade you’re building on (from 0.01 to 0.03 to 0.06 to 0.09).
    And according to my Fxbook, almost 38% draw down is not considered small.
    I hope you can explain your approach further.

    • Veronica,
      If you are serious, do start with $1 just to understand and you will understand that it’s not the case.

  15. Derrick Tate

    Hi Ive Joined up, Where do I go in pellucidfx to see a breakdown of trades profit/loss etc. Can you send me an email please with all the information of the fast trader ect.
    and a direct email/Tel number for you guys to make contact if i need to.
    Many thanks derrick tate

    • Derrick,
      You will not see the trades made through the PellucidFx interface but you can see your balance $$$.
      However, we have gone one step further to provide more transparency.
      You can view our activities here >>>

      As for emails and direct number, you should contact PellucidFX live chat directly for customer service.

  16. sudianto

    it’s amazing returns.

  17. Chun


    I have followed what you mentioned above exactly.
    Somehow I wonder, after I chose you, why I could not see the money? I couldn’t see the deposit.
    If there is an option to adjust lot size? If I deposit 5000, then will the lot size increased as well? Such as from 0.01 to 0.1 or higher?
    How could I withdraw the fund if I need to? Would you send me daily trading result? Would you have total control over my fund invested?


    • Chun,
      You can see your amount in the client area.
      Whatever amount you deposit, your money will be spread across all our trades like a fund.
      For other questions on withdrawal, please contact PellucidFx live chat.
      They will help address your questions.

  18. David

    maybe someone already asked this question but I didn’t see it. How much is your commission when I withdraw my funds and what percent will I make? Is there a way to track my earnings everyday?

    • David,
      The info you seek is inside the client area.
      Click on “The Fast Trader Growth Fund” and the profit sharing % is there.
      For a small account of $1 to $999, the profit sharing is 50%/50%.
      You can track your account balance by just looking at how much you can withdraw daily.
      But seriously, if we make 2% to 5% per week and depending on your amount, there may not be much to shout about.
      Just want to set the expectation right… :)

  19. Chun


    Just wonder that whether if the trade lot size changes according to the equity in my invest account?
    Or just identical to your account? Thanks.

    • Chun,
      You are no longer a trader.
      You are an investor in the fund.
      When you deposit money into this fund, even your $1 is spread across all my trades.
      … just like a mutual fund.
      So there’s no need to adjust your lot size.

  20. Steve

    got here from an email that said “free download… free sniper indicator”

    where’s the download and where’s the free indicator?

  21. Chun


    Would capital of 100 and 1000, do they have the same profit ?

  22. Howard

    Hello, this looks pretty good. With your broker do you need to send in a lot of paperwork to get an account setup? I would probably let my account grow for at least a few months, but is getting withdrawals easy?


    • Howard,
      You can open an account with $200 with minimal paper work.
      Most of it, online application form and a phote ID needed… that’s all.
      After you deposit $200, you can try to withdraw to see how difficult it is…quite easy in my experience.

  23. Tony Groot

    Sounds interesting

  24. Christian

    I’ve been here for 3 days with about 32 USD but do not see any change in the account. Is the amount too small?
    There were 5 to 6 trades now.

    • Christian,
      The minimum is $1 to start. So $32 is ok.
      Have you selected to invest in The Fast Trader Growth Fund?
      If yes, is there any movement now?

  25. Gene

    I really like this strategy, seems not only solid but very logical. Are your videos posted on You Tube? If yes, I would like to download them so I can watch them while offline anytime. You make good teacher and I can easily understand your instructions, the accent is no problem for this American guy!

    As someone that has been interested in and practice trading Forex for a long while on a part time basis, but commodities as well back in the 90′s, I am also very partial to the higher time frames such as the 1hr, 4hr, and daily. Novice traders that have only blown up a couple of demo accounts are sure to learn that lesson. Like driving a car, relax and follow the rules of your system. I would also highly recommend trading ONLY in the direction of the main trend! Afterall, would you risk driving the wrong way down the highway?! The trend really IS your friend, and it’s a lot safer too ;-)

  26. i dont know how to start

  27. That is a little strange. Please check with Pellucid as we are seeing consistent growth.
    Please make sure you selected “The Fast Trader Fund” as there are other funds offered by the broker.

  28. timm2006

    I’ve invested $20 in your fund around end of August 2013 so it’s been around 3 months, but currently haven’t had any growth at all but have lost 50% of my deposit!, The balance is still sitting at $10 and the equity is $9.96. If the monthly growth on average is around 10% then should be looking around $26, but at the moment my growth in 3 months is minus 50% negative. I don’t understand why I don’t see any growth at all and how I could have lost so much deposit in such a short space of time? Please help me understand, have I just been unlucky with timing and the fund lost a large % of balance?

  29. timm2006

    Hello I have been told by Pelluicid that the investment account is 16381844 which is The Fast Trader Fund so my funds are invested in your fund. I can’t understand how I could be taking a loss of deposit, whereas your fund is taking growth?

  30. Yes that is correct then. Please check with the broker as this should not be the case.
    We are growing steadily.

  31. timm2006

    It transpires that there is a bug in the stats in Pellucid and the balance hasn’t been updated since 15th September, which is why it appears there is no growth, so I’m sure when they fix the stats it will all appear fine.


  32. timm2006 

    Well, never of this happening before. I am glad they replied to you.
    We will just continue to stay focus on growing the fund safely.

  33. del28it

    Hey whats going on here ive had £2000 in your fund for over 3 months and my account has barely moved! seems your stats are much more inflated.  I signed up with the broker you recommended pellucidFX and i find it very unsettling it just shows whats in the account not gains and or losses even a percentage to check against your published ones.  Can yo shed some light on this, and please dont just say check with your broker.